The 3rd Way

An Interesting Question?

did you do what you wanted to
or did you do what someone else told you to...

You died and in the debrief...

Unfortunately you died early and as your Soul returned to 5D you took part in a debrief. And you where asked to review your life on Planet Earth.

What would you say? Bare in mind in 5D you will be totally honest. 

Would you say I did my best and followed my heart and made all my own choices so I have no one else to blame for my life on planet earth than myself.

OR. I only did what other people told me to do, those in power above me, etc. My life was rubbish how it turned out and ended to quickly; and I blame everyone else for my rubbish life on Planet Earth.

If you knew you could make any choice you liked.

Living on Planet Earth gives you FREE WILL to make your own choices good and bad. Bad ones we really Learn from. Yes there are Laws and your own Moral Compass to guide you.

Would you have the courage to make the really hard choices, stand up for yourself and make the choice you really wanted to make, without the influence of others.

We are exactly at that point right now.

So why not make the choices you want right now...

Before you get to the 5D debrief. Then in the debrief you can say I did what I thought was right, I investigated, I researched, I listened to lots of view. Yes, I made loads of mistakes, the one that lead me here I would do differently if I could choose again. But with the hindsight now I learned alot.

Back to my favourite past life regression of the Gladiator, Superior stats as a gladiator but with hindsight I really don’t like killing people. What more could you ask to be learned from a life lived to the full?

This is what Life Lessons and the progress of Soul Ages is all about. Learn and grow from your own made experiences and choices, I made an informed choice. And not blaming others for how things turned out. Do this NOW not after the debrief. Don’t have any regrets in your Debrief. I now know I will not.