The 3rd Way

Why no Solution?

why isnt a solution available for
current Planet Earth...

Well there is, and always has been...

Currently Planet Earth is at a crossroads, the easy left turn give in and accept everything that comes or the right turn choose what you want. The RIGHT choice is always the hardest, the universe isn’t easy, it will never come to your RESCUE but it will support and guide you to your own salvation.

From my own journey where I was facing suicide square in the face and I went for help and basically got two fingers  from those closest to me. I even got a if thats what you want to do I cant stop you?????

So I faced my biggest fear head on and the universe supported me to continue my journey.

The current options appears to allow EVIL to win????

They are giving you a solution do as we tell you and we will let you survive. For now. Until we push you close to the edge again and then offer another survival path. Again False. That is all EVIL knows. Their end game is death and always will be. Do you really want to give in that easily?

Your real solution...

Take control of your own life, follow your own journey by allowing consciousness to guide you on your journey. Personal experience, yes it is the harder road, but also the most fulfilling.

Consciousness created GOOD & EVIL and gives you free will to choose. Your Soul is a portion of consciousness. Your guidance is your own Moral Compass.

Don’t fully trust anyone other than yourself. Make your own choices freely. I watch many GURU’s telling you what to think but none of them will give you the full story because they haven’t learned enough to tell you. How many mention your Soul or Consciousness, how many tell you about Soul Ages, or about other dimensions. The fact that GOOD and EVIL only exist on a 3D planet. Your soul has no gender, it has multiple life times. It agrees to the role it has agreed to play when it comes to Planet Earth, where it willingly grows, experiences and learns. And reports back when it returns.

What if you knew EVIL wants just death/slavery???

EVIL doesn’t outright say it is but it pretty much does, when you look hard enough. It wants you to drink to much, eat too much, take drugs, make as much money as you can using your fellow humans. If you did find out, what choice would you make. I bet it is not to give in and accept it. EVIL is here for a reason to enable you to learn and grow that is all, it is not to control your life on Planet Earth. I am not telling you what to do, but you always have two options – one good one bad.