The 3rd Way

Authentic You

creating the best that you can be...

Are you being the Authentic YOU?

Do you feel that you are being the best you can be? Or do you think there is more to you than there is right now?

Finding the Authentic you is totally possible and that YOU can grow and change with you as you grow and experience.

The process can be hard to start with, it requires you to question everything about yourself and what you know right now. Are they really your thoughts or are they programmed into you by your experiences to date?

How to find the Authentic YOU...

I started by getting fired by a lady, it was such a shock, that I just had to find out what was wrong with me. I didn’t know then that it would lead to finding or creating the Authentic ME. Now I realise I can be how and whatever I want with absolutely no limitations as I have FREE WILL to choose.

To start: we are programmed by every word we hear from the moment we are born. As we start off as an empty shell that has been told to forget. We absorb everything around us. The GOOD & the BAD. But at no point are we taught to discern what it is we choose to be, it is pretty much left up to us. We are rarely pushed positively. We are reluctant to push ourselves as we don’t know what the outcome will be. So choose the easy way out. Living the product of our environment.

We generally change when it is forced upon us. But on some occasions we choose to change and grow.

What if you saw change as a highly positive action and drove straight at it with all the strength of the Universe behind you. What is the worse that can happen, OK you die, but if you knew that wasn’t then end just a transition to a next life – would you make the best of this one right now.

YOU would have TOTAL FREEDOM to choose each step on your journey.