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Balancing the Rainbow of Duality

Living a life where you made all your own informed choices, with no regrets in 5D debrief.

A solution to current 3D Planet earth issues.

Loving Evil enables you to retain your own personal power. To make your own FREE choices.

How can we successfully live in these new strange times. 

What I have learnt from Breaking the two FEAR Programmes – Suicide and Fight & Flight…

The basics of my life so far and how I got to where I am today – balancing the rainbow of duality…

It is what we live in – 3D Planet Earth – simply: Good | Bad; Right | Wrong; Left | Right; Up | Down

Living the Rainbow. Having destroyed Suicide Programme, and managing Fight & Flight.

I choose to believe we do have a Soul and it is part of something amazing…

This response no longer works in this time period, when you can’t run away and you can’t fight.

To restore some balance and give humanity a positive view of Living on Planet Earth…

Trying to control what is natural to the detriment of living a full life on Planet Earth.

Bullies/Evil control using the Fight & Flight Response, which is a human auto response to save/help you.

Living in balance on Planet Earth…full of fun, experiences, learning and growth

Living on Planet Earth is fully of infinite possibilities. Life isn’t just a linear timeline.

Insecurities stop us from experiencing, growing and learning to live a full life on Planet Earth.

Full integration of your Soul with your bio-computer (body). Enabling full experience.

Emotions help us to learn from our experiences, enabling us to grow and be a better person.

Sharing unconditionally, as if every person is your best friend. As if you are all part of the whole – ONE.

Creating the Authentic YOU. You know, the person you wish you where, you find out you have been all along.

The balancing of all Dualities – EVIL | GOOD, RIGHT | WRONG….etc.

Your internal guidance system that tries it’s best to keep you on your journey…

The journey of life that we all take, either knowingly or unknowingly…

How do I perceive living on Planet Earth Right NOW…