The 3rd Way


via Fight & Flight Response...

Negativity/Evil operates control via fight & flight response...

The only way to really control a  human is to operate/control the Fight & Flight Response (FEAR). It creates an emotional response to a situation you are scared of. And if it is operated continuously it creates panic attacks, which you just want to end and will do anything to make that not happen. It is also an emotional pain rather than physical, which can be debilitating.

When this is known by say a bully they can use it to their advantage. On a bigger scale then EVIL can use it to achieve their goals.

But only if you don’t know what is going on. Which is why it is not taught. And medically is only treated with drugs. How would you react if you knew what was going on and why?

It is just a basic human auto response...

Once you realise it is just a human bio-computer auto response which is being manipulated to get you to do as you are told, then that in itself can be enough to not be controlled. But, sometimes it is too late when you realise and continuous triggering of it takes the form of Panic Attacks. 

Also humans tend to fight back or become isolated. But this is not a good response as it still means they win and have control of you and your energy. The best option is to learn indifference. Which is like ignoring, but not negative, pretty much you stop engaging and giving them control over you and your energy. Have you ever tried engaging with someone that won’t engage – the bullies will quickly move on to easier prey. Eventually their prey will become very rare indeed.

Bullies love a response good or bad, it shows they are having an effect. If you show no affects then you take the legs out from under the bully. They may try harder, but you can say you know what they are doing and it isn’t going to work anymore.

My own response to EVIL Bullies will be if they don’t like what I am doing then they will have to Off Planet me themselves. Extreme I know but controlling anything is the wrong way to create positive outcomes. It stiffles creativity and building anything good for the future. Ultimate Control leads to NOTHING.

Divide and Rule...

Control is basically psychological. The other side has to give up its own control of itself for “control” to work. A Mistress is only a Mistress if she has a willing slave. Otherwise she is just normal.

Divide and Rule has been use forever to set one side off against another. This creates small factions which are easier to deal with and then you set those side against each other and the maybe split them again and again. The smaller each group gets the easier it is to control them.

If we all work together as a team (one) then control could not happen it would never gain traction. And seeing as we are all part of ONE then that should not be difficult.