The 3rd Way

Do you have a Soul?

I choose to think I do...

Why do I think that?

I have read about it and thought it was a great thing to imagine and then reality came along to prove it – I still don’t really know because I have not know death and what happens next.

So what was this reality? My best client died. He taught me so much in our time together. We cremated him on the Monday and he came back to talk to me via my medium the next day. I had knowledge from his wife on an aspect of the coffin that my medium would never know. You can say how did he know my medium existed because we discussed it before his death when I took the courage to see him. These are the basic facts that taught me there is more to living than what I can see.

The Point of a Soul...

I choose to think of it as the part of me that is continuous. And is connected to the wider Universe via Consciousness – a part of ONE. It resides in a brilliant Bio-computer (body) so it can experience 3D Planet Earth. I might go so far as to saying it is in constant communication with Consciousness. How can I say that? As a creative most of my ideas formulate just after going to bed. I go through the brief I received that day and in my head create the solution (design) sometimes I write it down/sketch it. It is something I have always done.

I can visualise in my head a full 3D world, and play out any scenario I like as if it is real – equal now to VR.

Souls have generations...

The more life times you have the older the soul gets…this is something I choose to believe because it feels right. There are feelings I just KNOW, and I am not just trying to survive.

Like with most of my “Knowledge” I have come across it when it was needed.

Bits about the Soul...

Do Souls have genders? So far it seems no. So they can enter any bio-computer that it needs too. Is it down to control again that we must be either gender? Should we really be married? Would it not be better for us to free flow without judgement.  To me this feels better.

Thoughts: if you have had a past life that you can still sense then if that past life was challenging gender wise then so you may feel attract to the same gender rather than the opposite. Maybe it is a journey choice. Each human is best placed to decide rather than the collective.