The 3rd Way



Planet Earth is a DUALITY?

Time and time again I kept having to decide to fit into one camp or another and it never felt right, I don’t want to choose. One second I might feel X the next one is Y…why can’t I just flow between the two.  I found that you can by Balancing the Rainbow of DUALITY.

Living in the old 3D Planet Earth you had to choose one way or another – GOOD | EVIL; RIGHT | WRONG; LEFT | RIGHT; and it just doesn’t really work anymore, neither is right or wrong…IT JUST IS.

Accepting you can be both and deciding for yourself what the balance is at any given time is a much healthier way to live hence the 3rd WAY – balancing the Rainbow of Duality. You can flow between each duality as your moral compass guides you.

What is the benefit – lessening the impact of emotions, anxiety, fight or flight. And making living so much more fun. You go searching for adventure instead of just trying to make it through the day.

Why have a DUALITY?

This again is a personal opinion – enabling learning, experience, growth. If there was just GOOD which has everything what would you actually achieve? When I mean EVERYTHING i mean it. I bet you would do nothing, you would not have too. 

What about if there was just EVIL – it would be pretty horrible and would probably end in NOTHING. Just ONE human left.

So the DUALITY of GOOD and EVIL enables learning, experience, growth. You can only really learn from living an experience. You could read about it, but if you live through an experience – you feel every aspect of it, emotions.