The 3rd Way


Why do we have them...

Why do we have emotions...

I has realised that emotions are there to guide us when we learn about life. When we need to learn from an experience, a painful one or an exciting one.

If we get angry, ask why we are angry, is there something you need to learn. It could be just to be angry lol, or it could be a life lesson that we don’t want to repeat we need to learn from it. Is it really how we would react next time.

For most of the NEGATIVE emotions we tend to build emotional walls and try our best to never go near them again. The trouble is if we don’t learn the lesson the first time, we tend to have it repeated until we do.

How to deal with emotions...

The best way I have found is to take time to review them,  firstly accept you have reacted with an emotion to a situation good or bad. In the review process ask was there anything I need to learn from that situation? Was it their bad behaviour that made you react? Could you have said it in a better way?

The more we learn about our own reactions to our emotions the easier life becomes.