The 3rd Way


those areas of life you stay away from...

Due to past experiences...

We build up insecurities from the day we are born. And we are never taught how to deal with them and remove them or live well with them. The more you add the more they control you and the more debilitating it becomes. They control your life. Stopping you living life to the full.

What are they, an experience you didn’t like to a point you don’t want to face it again. So you stay well clear of it/them. It can be a emotional reaction that kicks off fight & flight response. And can control your life.

How to deal with them...

If you really find insecurities debilitating, then it is time to deal with them.

The best way is one by one. To face them head on in a safe way. I found that running a mental scenario review and deciding if that insecurity still serves me or to let it go. Also what did I learn from it. Most of the time it limited me. Stopped me from enjoying life.

The more insecurities I reviewed the easier it became and the more “drive” I gave the letting go. I felt lighter and free.