The 3rd Way

Living in New Times to live today

Balancing Duality...

Understanding Planet Earth would be a great place to start. It does mean unlearning everything you thought you knew. And understand their is more to living than you can think is possible.

When I had a conversation with a person we cremated the day before was proof to me that all is not what it seems. This was very recent and well into my own personal development.

It gave me confidence to learn that we are taught very little about life on planet earth.

The is no judgement on the Game Play that is playing out, as it is just that Game Play. What is important is how you react to the Game Play of Planet Earth right now.

Where to start...

Do you believe you have a soul?
Do you know the purpose of the soul?
Are you prepared to go down the rabbit hole and find out?

Quick Soul lesson...

Yes you have a soul. It lives within your bio-computer (body). It is connected to the 5th dimension (pick your own name for it).

It chooses to come back to Planet Earth to live a life with an agreed purpose. You are born and you forget that purpose. As you are continually connected if aware you can follow your life journey and learn all of its lessons, or free will allows you to just exist with no awareness.

At the end of life, whenever that maybe, your soul returns to 5D and reports on the experience.

Enabling 5D to learn from every souls experiences whether they where aware or not. You learn through feeling the emotions of the events that happened to you and how it made you feel.

There is no judgement here of either duality...

Why not? Because both are valid and necessary to enable Planet Earth to follow its function. The goal is to balance it within each human.

No one complains that nature operates the way it does. Why should humans be any different, they follow their function. For way to long Planet Earth has been out of balance, way more evil than it needs to be. And we have not be taught how to be positive and see the positivity of living on Planet Earth.

It is time the 90% of the population realised they hold all the power. They just need to learn their emotions are controlling them not environmental circumstances. Evil only has power because you let them. Because they know how to trigger our emotions and control you.