The 3rd Way

Loving Evil?

can you love evil as a human being?

If you knew why Evil Exists can you love it?

We live in a Duality where Good and Evil exist on purpose to enable the human being to learn and grow from all of their experiences using all the emotions that the human bio-computer gives you access too.

You might say absolutely never, its bad, its horrible, its scary?

But if you could get your head around that Evil is necessary and a part of the universes game. Would you be so scared? Maybe not.

Why does Evil exist?

Because if there was just ONE (say GOOD) you would learn nothing and experience only one aspect. So you would never get very far – only as far as the one aspect allows.

But having two aspects (Good & Evil) and the ability to balance both then the possibilities become limited less. 

How to learn and respect the need for EVIL. They are still a human body with a soul. But the soul’s chosen role is to play being evil. So they are born into the evil environment, they grow up with as if evil is normal and they play that role their whole life. 

How do I know this is possible?

Because I have lived it. It has helped that I have learnt all about suicide programme and fight & flight response. 

It has enabled me to get a perspective that is now balanced and not led by negative emotions. I also understand the need in a Duality for both aspects of GOOD & EVIL to enable learning to take place.

Add the level that its a Soul Agreement before you leave and play your role. Enables you to balance duality and understand. You do have to come to terms with your own Death as the final game play before its “Game Over” for you. Once you attain this level of understand you get it.

Is Evil now so scary?

If you are doing it right then the answer should be no. It should be balanced to a level where it is just a piece of game play and accepted but does not become controlling of you.

So what is the perspective. Evil is just the opersite of Good. A simple fact that should not control you needlessly. Evil just does the complete oppersite of what they say. Get that and you can understand what is going to happen. They also have to tell you in advance what they plan to do, they do this willingly and openly. This gives you an opportunity to learn and act.