The 3rd Way


Your own internal guidance...

What guides you if GOOD | EVIL is required?

For each human there is only one universal law – FREE WILL – it is up to you how you live on Planet Earth. So what can you use as a guide to behaviour, especially when you are balancing all the Dualities. Well for me it is my own Moral Compass.

You know that feeling you have when you really know what is right from what is wrong – it is deep inside you.

When you start to explorer and experience the new freedom that balancing dualities give you. Yes you can be as evil as you want but how far are you prepared to go?

If you are an Old Soul...

Alot of this will make sense to you, because deep down you KNOW it. It is part of the process of LIVING on Planet Earth. Yes, it is a bugger that you forget when you are born. But even that makes sense. How else can you live a NEW life this time around knowing everything it would be way to simple to not engage and just coast.

If you are a Young Soul...

You are more concerned with just learning how to survive. I understand that. Without experiences how can you learn what to do and not to do. One of the reason for Laws. But you also have an INNER KNOWING for guidance.

An example I read in a book about a Brilliant Gladiator, who killed many opponents, when he died, in his debrief on his life he was asked how he thought it went and he replied “Do you know I learnt I don’t like killing”

It was the most enlightening read I have come across as a different perception of what Life is all about.