The 3rd Way

Negativity | Evil

Is it really that bad?

Is Negativity/Evil really that bad?

This is a very strange question for a light person to ask? You would expect the answer of course it is BAD. But if it is there to enable learning and growth, then how can it be. Also it is part of duality that Planet Earth is built on.

Maybe it is how it is used? If it is being used to control the population then NO. Or controlling people in general. Like bullying. Which sets off the destructive nature of Fight & Flight.

As we aren’t taught anything about our emotions then how can we learn from our experiences using our emotional responses.

If we learnt about Negativity...

We would not be so scared of it, setting off the Fight & Flight Response – FEAR. We could balance our response better and quicker, so we learn from the experience instantly and move on.

The affect the bully would have on us would be minimal. And the bullies would not be able to control us. Unless we want them too (bigger question).

Of course the less humans know, the more control bullies have. But why would they want to control, could it be that they have to control to lessen the affect of emotional pain that they feel. Emotional pain is very real and debilitating, so of course you would try you best not to deal with it. So are evil people really evil or just the result of their journey so far???