The 3rd Way


living in tune with nature & Planet Earth...

What is Positivity...

For me it is the balancing of Duality while still living on Planet Earth – we know now that both sides are just as important – helping us to learn, grow and create an amazing future.

How can we start to perceive it – start with how nature works and how Planet Earth naturally runs. From destruction comes NEW.

Nature is balanced – there is a food chain, there is death, but only just enough to survive. You don’t see a viper storing food in freezer for later, it just hunts for what it needs at the time.

Planet Earth continues to renew itself...

Rocks use nuclear decay to release minerals and create soil. Amazing. We use it to kill our fellow humans.

We need to learn how to balance EVERYTHING, if we have money, then it flows, not stored just incase tomorrow never comes. How defeatist, negative and untrusting is that.

Even death is not the end, the Soul goes back and decides if it wants to do it all again or trying something else, like being a ROCK???

If we trust then living on Planet Earth becomes a pleasure. A 3D paradise to experience, to learn and to feel emotions, all of them. We love every single second even the hard parts when our best customer leaves us. We know it was time and we carry on with their memories.

We understand that when someone wants to control us then it is time to learn something important. Not just let them and then bitch about it. Engage with it and sort it.