The 3rd Way

Full of Possibilities

Living on Planet Earth is full of possibilities

Infinite possibilities ...

We are taught very little from the time we are born. Yes parents try their best at every stage. They teach us what they have learned the GOOD & the BAD. But it will always be with their insecurities and preferences. I have come to learn that it is what we have chosen from when we decided to return to 3D.

But there is an infinite other possibilities out there after we land. We don’t have to follow our parents example or what we are taught in school. There is information out there especially online. If you have the ability to discern and use the info as simply possibilities.

Is what we think we know controlled?

One side of life here, yes it is controlled, because if we knew everything then controlling us proves challenging. If we are always shown negativity then that is what we think is normal but it is not. Hence the need for the 3rd Way. We need to address the balance and give the option of more positivity. Allowing you to be a real Authentic Human. It is up to each human to decide how much they will engaging with life positively or negatively.

But if you are only shown one way and it doesn’t feel right you withdraw and disengage because you don’t see the point. Or you fight to bring about change.

Up to this point knowledge of all sides has been hidden on purpose. The time has come to show all possibilities so each human can make an informed choice of how to be and how to live their life while on Planet Earth.

For me their is not judgement – a full engagement with GOOD & BAD has been essential to get me to where I am now.


Access to infinite possibilities comes from opening your awareness to the possibility there is way more out there than you are aware of and also what you have come across. Internally question everything, what feels right for you right now. Opening you head and your heart really helps. The human body has amazing capacity to learn and guide us.

Again, it isn’t something we are taught. I have had to learn through trusting my own self. I have asked for help and 99% of the time there is no help. Why you ask, because of the way I really learn, which is by personal experience.