The 3rd Way

Fight & Flight Response

OK for Sabre Tooth Tiger

Ideal response for caveman human...

The fight and flight response was ideal for Caveman – they could decide if they needed to runaway or fight the Sabre Tooth Tiger and kill it for food.

But in the office and at home it is not a great response, you can’t fight the bad manager or runaway from them. Which means the chemicals that go into the system can’t be used. Which can be very debiliating.

How does this response start?

If you run into a situation that you don’t like and you respond significantly the the body creates a Tigger as a reminder for next time. If it happens once it is ok. But if that tigger gets activated often then it turns into an auto-response. When it gets really agrivated it starts to operate all by itself. Then it becomes dangerous and leads to panic attacks.

Example: a bad manager upsets you and continually does so, the created trigger becomes associated with the person. If it turns into an auto-response then the bare mention of the name or a meeting will activate the trigger causing the Fight & Flight Response.

What is it...

The Fight and Flight Response prepares the body to react – to run or fight. It dumps chemicals into the system, raises the heart rate, etc. But today those chemicals go unused which in turn exhausts the body and it needs time to recover from each event. If the trigger fires often enough it becomes debilitating. And leads to panic attacks.

Treatment: tends to be drugs. Rarely solves the issue. Returns when you come off them.

What can you do: Recognise what is going on, recognise the trigger. The hard bit is talking to your body to say you accept and understand the trigger but you know longer need it to operate, with time it lessons the impact. It is a cognitive solution, you created the trigger, you can uncreate it. Accepting it is the first issue, the more you try to suppress the worse it gets. I know it sounds simple, but it was personally effective. Now I don’t allow the triggers to create.

This is not to replace Medical advice – it is a personal way of dealing with it that proved successful.