The 3rd Way

Soul Integration

Integrate Soul with Bio-Computer (body)...


So far it is not seen as normal to have a Soul and what it’s purpose is. So thinking about integration might appear a bit odd. We also take it as read that our Bio-Computer (body) works autonomously. We don’t think to much about how our body works, it just does. Til it goes wrong then we ask to have it fixed. 

We don’t take much responsibility for how our body works. But if you know you have a Soul and it is part of you why not fully integrate the two, allowing them to function symbolically. And use your Soul to guide you to make the most of your bio-computer and your life on Planet Earth.

How too...

Like with most things right now there is no science to tell you HOW. But it isn’t really needed like with most things it is up to you how much acceptance you give it. If you fully accept and go for it then full integration it is. It just IS.

Also it allows for internal conversion with your whole body, you can talk to and get to know your body and how it really feels. What it needs and what to stop doing to it. In my case it was alcohol, I was becoming an alcoholic, a) for fun but the downside was a headache that was not fun and so much lost time to recovering, what I realised was I was having fun without the alcohol then I drank and it made it depressing.  So I tried really hard to give up and did.