The 3rd Way

Breaking Programs

...the present

December 2020...

The breaking of The Suicide Programme and The Fight & Flight Programme is now starting to make sense. Without these auto responses it enables clarity to shine. I now know how EVIL a human can think and feel and also how GOOD a human can think and feel. It is the firing of these two programmes that prevents you coming to a balanced view.

I now know why I broke these two programmes when I did, it stops the auto responses dead. I haven’t had a negative response from that day. Going through it is not for everyone and if you have to reach the tipping point I did then it is extreme.

Having gone through 2020 with a healthy balanced view of what is really going on – it is being done without the influence of the two FEAR responses. Which enables clarity of perception.

You can understand why EVIL wants it to happen – all about control. And why GOOD is not coping very well. If GOOD removed the two responses then EVIL would not stand a chance, and they know this. It is why they are using the two FEAR responses the way they do.

If you knew in advance what the FEAR reaction would be because they are human (and you know how a human operates) then it is understandable that it is used that way. It is just a shame that the alternative view is not being offered. 

If you knew that a natural biological auto-response was responsible for how you feel about a situation, would you let it control you. Probably not. Or would you learn to manage it?

If you knew that it can be used to control you – would you let it?

Yes the initial feeling is unknown and you don’t understand but when you do understand what happens … it lessens.

Would you knowingly let a bully, bully you? And if you did know they where a bully would you react the way you would if you didn’t know?

So it is all about the UNKNOWN? The more you learn the less controllable you are. But what about the stuff you are not taught, then go looking for answers if something doesn’t feel right? I have found the answers I need when I need them. You just need to be open about everything.

When you KNOW EVIL it isn’t as evil as you thought. I find it really ODD that anyone wants to CONTROL everything even when they KNOW you can’t control what is beyond your control. Is it just personal insecurities that make them want to control? Personally, I think it is sad and a waste of a living experience on Planet Earth.