The 3rd Way

What is happening NOW...

...the present


This is about me, my journey and my life so far. What is going on outside of course has a influence. And one thing is plainly clear I do not FEAR. And I wont Off-Planet myself unless someone does it for me. So no easy ways out. It is about facing living on Planet Earth head on with “drive”.

I am starting to understand what living on Earth is for. Which for me, is to learn, grow and put FEAR into perspective. Fear is just an emotion, (like all the others) and it triggers a response in the human body called Fight & Flight, so you can decide and actively choose what to do next. It is that simple.

But it feels like these negative emotions have been hi-jacked for negative purposes. And if you KNOW how the human bio-computer operates, then of course you can manipulate it. Not many humans have learnt what their own emotions mean to them let alone how they can be manipulated, by others.

With hindsight it should have made sense to me earlier on. At school I lived in no-mans land, I was not bullied, but not best friends with the bullies, same with the posh, smart kids, neither close friends or enemies.

I now understand how a human can be bullied and controlled. Just play with their emotions. Emotional pain really hurts and does not easily subside, so you build a solid brick wall and go nowhere near those emotions again. Which is exactly what the negative side of duality does. Because it can and it is allowed too. Remember “FREE WILL” – it is up to you how you choose to react.

If you face your emotions and learn what they mean to you, you can manage them better, they don’t keep coming up as a surprise. The more you are able to manage them the less effect they have on the body, hence you are not affected by bullying, controlling behaviour. Just don’t laugh at them they don’t like it. It is better to just not engage with their behaviour and treat them as you would do normally. This is a lot harder than it looks, especially if Fight & Flight Response is acting automatically and can act before you even know it.

Going into detail about each and every event that negative duality creates just increases it’s effectiveness. Conspiracy Theories just increase the negative energy of the event.

The more you engage with the bully/control the more they enjoy it, like giving them an audience to keep doing it over and over again.

Negative Duality is just as important to progress as Positive Duality. It is all about balance – the lighter the better for all humans.

Extreme Sport is about taking risks hitting things head on – it is fun, it is exciting when you let it…go for it. Enjoy the RIDE.