The 3rd Way

Why have I taken a gamble?

Because humanity deserves it...

20 Years of searching...

In all my years of researching, time and time again, I come across being told what is wrong. And it is never countered with what is good and how to achieve it. There is endless “mindfulness” think differently but never how to truly achieve it.

My whole life has never been encouraged, I have pretty much been left to my own devices to decide what to do. Make my own  mess-ups. I am sure I must have chosen this hard way on purpose. This includes now facing FEAR head on. It isn’t anything to be scared of, it is just the the Fight & Flight Response trying its best to protect you. So is EVIL really evil or just a physical response to things we don’t like or know about?

My experience...

People, situations, experiences have always set off the Fight or Flight Response because I knew no better. Once I knew and broke both Fight & Flight Response and the Suicide Programme and realised death is not to be feared. It all changed. Simply both sides are equal and required to have a full experience. It is how you respond that is important. Shut down and build huge brick walls, ignore or face it and enjoy the ride.

Recently it appears that people wanted others to make the choice for them. If enlightened you will know what I mean. Then it didn’t happen. Why because that isn’t learning and growing it is coping out. The Universe isn’t that easy. It rewards doing the hard work. 

Or you can ignore everything and blame everyone else.

I preferred to deep dive inside and see what I find. And it is awesome.

What if enlightened Souls play the role of EVIL then what would you think? Would you see it as a game that you can enjoy playing? Get the best out of living life?

For me it is worth the gamble – if I get off-planeted then so be it. I tried.