The 3rd Way

Your Journey

with lots of lessons along the way...

A big dilemma I have had for ages...

Sharing my journey has been a big dilemma for a while, but since I broke Suicide and Fight & Flight programmes, I feel it was too important not allow others in on it because it might be helpful to them.

I know a possible outcome and it is a big one – being Off Planeted. For sharing info / perspective that will help every human on Planet Earth. I had to get to this point without any real help because that was part of the journey for me to work out that being an Authentic Human in balance is possible to achieve.

Evil follows the same process...

Evil are still humans following the same process of as us all they just with a different perspective. They have life lessons to learn too. Like most humans change is difficult. 

We expect it to carry on as normal, then things come along to challenge that. Most are not ready for change.

But if you have the perspective that life is a journey that you are on (or choose to be on) and it is constantly changing and challenging then maybe it would be easier. It would not be such a surprise. If you accepted that evil was there to help and that death was not the end. Then the journey could actually be fun. Maybe you are not supposed to be married forever, we are meant to flow between sexual types.

Simple process of a journey...

  • Your Soul was offered a task to return to Planet Earth.
  • Task accepted and the return route arranged.
  • You are born and you forget everything.
  • You start your life – the programming begins.
  • Events happen during the whole of your life. It is your choice as to what they mean – ignore them and continue or review them and decide what to do with it.