The 3rd Way

Welcome to the 3rd Way

The 3rd Way is a portal for learning how to balance out the 3D Duality of Planet Earth. Planet Earth is changing significantly. The Duality of Planet Earth is being realigned to be more in balance with nature and the natural ways it needs to work to be able to support life.

The proportion of negativity is no longer sustainable – so more energy is being pumped into the system to create more positivity.

This was to be not about me. But the more I grow and learn the more as being part of ONE it is about me. So this is my story so far and how it progresses. Knowing that one day I will return to where I came from.

My Story

Life starts a little on the not normal side, I was born at home and missed the hospital entry. Which may have been significant I may find out one day. My life continued to be incredibly normal, did well at school, found I had a skill, which I still use today. I got to enjoy all the great stuff very early on, fast cars, clothes, accessories, learnt to fly balloons.

The only thing missing was a relationship. And that is when it all changed. I had no experience in what I was getting into. I thought I was an OK person. But found out eventually I wasn’t wanted, I got fired for another man. What a shock. So wanted to find out why, what was wrong with me, and that is when the real life adventure started. With hindsight I must have really wanted to find out.

The journey has been amazing I have found out things I never knew where possible. Through experiences and reading. My story continues in blog posts.

Do you have a "Soul"

This site will only make sense if you are open to the possibility of having a “Soul” that is connected to consciousness. I have been very lucky to know a very special person with an amazing gift, she is a Medium, Psychic. Who has allowed me to enlighten myself. Especially the experience of burying my best customer and friend on the Monday and for him to come and talk to me on Tuesday.

My experiences lead me to believe there is way more to Living on Planet Earth than we are brought up to believe. And I choose to continue to learn everything I can about all the possibilities.

I say possibilities until I have experienced them and be able to feel them for myself. Then I can decide. If a decision is required.

Moral Compass

If we are no longer directed by duality – like good or bad, right or wrong what guides us? That would be our own moral compass. How WE would like to be treated is how WE treat others. 

The "Light"

The Positive. The Right. The Good. Living. etc

Why just having light does not enable us to learn. What if you had everything and I mean “EVERYTHING” what would you do all day.

The chances are NOTHING, you wouldn’t need to, so you have nothing to learn, experience or work for. NOTHING would be created.

The "Dark"

The Negative. The Bad. The Wrong. Death. etc. view everything in the opposite.

What if we only just had negativity, what would we learn? NOTHING. The chances are there would just be death and destruction and only one human left. NOTHING would be created.

What would your view be if it was possible that “Evil” was played by “Good” souls so the game of living on 3D Planet Earth works. What would you view of life be then?

Humanity needs to balance duality better....

If we knew more about both sides then the Moral Compass truly plays its part. All the information is available if you choose to look. We would really find out how Living on Planet Earth should work. Chances are it would be better balanced, we would GROW and CREATE and live AUTHENTICALLY – so Light & Dark are required.